How We Help

We’re proud to offer a range of services designed to serve our clients in all industries.

Oil & Gas Field Support

With decades of “boots on the ground” experience in the oil industry, we are industry leaders in our field. We have pulled pipe on intersects ranging from 50m to 2700m and have worked on projects of all multitudes, including:

  • Brazeau River Crossing
  • Clearwater River Crossing
  • Driftwood Ricer Crossing
  • Farrell Creek Crossing
  • Fawcett River Crossing
  • Kakwa River Crossing
  • Nordegg River Crossing
  • Old Man River Crossing
  • Patterson Creek Crossing
  • Peppers Lake Crossing
  • Saunders Lake Crossing
  • Sparrow Drive Water Main Crossing
  • Sundance River Crossing
  • Weed Lake Crossing
  • Multiple Highway Crossings

Website & Graphic Design

Do you ever dream of finding any employee that will dedicate 100% of their time to you, 24/7/365? A great website and thoughtfully designed branding will work for you around the clock, promoting your business in ways only an online presence can! Longhorn Consulting has been designing websites for over ten years and is proud to work with businesses of all sizes across Canada and the United States.

Digital Media & Marketing

When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages to look up a phone number (and not as a makeshift stepping stool)? Businesses are utilizing social media and digital marketing more than ever, as a way to reach larger audiences and appeal to a wider variety of potential clients. A social media presence is more than jewel stacking or virtual farms – it’s a powerful way to network and we’re here to help you take advantage of the tools it offers! 

Administrative Support

Running a business is hard work and there are a million things you need to manage when it comes to the operation of it. Let us help with the administration side – we have years of experience to help run your business seamlessly, remotely. From basic administrative tasks to safety programs or commercial fleet management, we do it all!

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