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From oil & gas field support and drilling operations to digital media to administrative tasks, we do it all and we do it well. No bullshit.

What is Longhorn?

Longhorn Consulting is a modern consulting agency that provides administrative, technical and project management services to its clients.

We hit the ground running in mid-2010 as a website and graphic design agency, and things progressed from there. We’re not that great at sticking to one industry and we decided we’d like to get involved in all the things that make Alberta so great – oil and agriculture.

We incorporated Longhorn in the beginning of 2021 and brought on a collection of great employees who share our vision and drive to provide a fantastic client experience.

You already know us as web designers, drillers, project managers and administrative assistants. If we play our cards right, maybe we’ll get to know you on a more personal level when we help take your business to the next level.


We ♥ Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs make the world go ‘around. We love working with small businesses to help build their brand and we strive to become a trusted resource to our clients. Want to bounce an idea around before you implement it? Did you update your website and something went… sideways? Call us. We always have time for you.


Community Over Competition

Longhorn does a lot of things, but we’re humble enough to recognize that we can’t do it all. If a prospective client needs a service we don’t offer, we do the next best thing – we refer them to someone that can. Simple.


We Love Commitment

You may have heard horror stories about “fly by night” operations that disappear as soon as the cheque clears. That’s not how we work. We want to build lasting relationships and we’ve found the best way to do that is to be available to help, even after the project is wrapped up and we’ve gone our separate ways.


Handshakes Still Matter

We’re old school and we believe a person is only as good as their word. Written contracts are important in business, but so is the validity of a handshake and a solid reputation. That’s why we do what we say and stand by it.

“There is no finish line. There are only mile markers.”

Michael Ventura

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Based in Stony Plain, Alberta.

(587) 600-0245