Vaccine Passports

September 18, 2021 | Dailies

On my internet travels, I’ve noticed a lot of people that are upset about vaccination passports, because having to carry one infringes on their human rights and it’s a stepping stone to segregation or a return to “nazi concentration camps”. Apparently it’s not the government’s decision to tell us what we can and cannot do.

Can anyone tell me what the purpose of driver’s license is, other than the government’s way to determine who can and cannot drive? I know I can drive, you know you can drive… but without that little card, the government says we’re not allowed to drive. You know what else? Each driver’s license has a specific number on it, unique to the holder. This number is used by insurance companies to determine your driving record and deem your worthiness to have affordable insurance or even any insurance at all. This same number is used to pull your driving abstract, which contains a list of all your driving incidents for 3, 5 or 10 years.

Our social insurance numbers provide a way for the government to determine who we are, by use of numbers… much like the concentration camps used to do to prisoners, if you want to get technical. Without that number, you don’t exist to the government. You can’t get a job or pay taxes. You can’t apply for credit. Without credit (and hereby a social insurance number), you can’t get a mortgage or a loan. Effectively, the government is determining who can and cannot have assets by use of a bunch of numbers on a card (or paper now, as they’ve done away with actual SIN cards).

And then we carry actual passports to travel! Without a passport, you don’t get to leave Canada. To enter other countries for an extended amount of time, you get permits and passports for that country. You can’t generally get a passport without a SIN number and in some cases, a background check to make sure you’re not a criminal. Based on your passport, other countries may or may not allow you entry or they’ll tell you how long you can stay for. The Canadian government may even deny you a passport based on past indiscretions.

Then we have people worried about how the Covid vaccination and passport is a way to track their whereabouts. I bet you’re reading this on a phone right now. I don’t know about you, but my phone knows when I’m going to work and it will tell me an approximate travel time as soon as I get into my truck in the morning. Every second Thursday, it tells me how far I am from Tactical at around 5pm.

There are people worried about how a vaccination passport will segregate people and allow health care providers to determine who gets care and who doesn’t. Have you heard of an Alberta Health Card? You need one to get health care here in Alberta or you pay money to be seen by doctors. Or let’s go a step further… ask your parents about those little books that contain a list of ALL the vaccinations you received as a child or the paperwork that you receive after getting shots necessary to travel AND show to people before you get to travel. Why is no one panicking about THOSE vaccination records?

Our entire society is made up of identifying numbers that separate us from each other. Why on earth are we so panicked about a piece of paper that tells people that we got a couple jabs to the arm? Why is a vaccination passport the only piece of paper that people are worried about? I’ve never once come across a person who believed that a driver’s license, SIN card or passport was an infringement of their rights or privacy… and it contains more information than any vaccination passport. Getting a vaccination is a choice and no one is forcing anyone to get one… but there are consequences to every action. If you don’t want to get a vaccination, your consequence is that you don’t get to eat in a restaurant. If you don’t want to show proof of your vaccination by way of passport, you don’t get to spend the day browsing at West Edmonton Mall. If you’re worried about what’s in the vaccine, maybe don’t – each of us puts more crap into our bodies on a daily basis than the vaccine contains. Have you ever considered the gross things in cigarettes and vape pens, or even just the general air we breathe?

If you don’t want to get a vaccine, fine. You do you. But stop calling the rest of us sheep and spitting on nurses. You look like idiots. If you don’t want to carry a vaccination record, don’t… but accept the consequences for what they are – a removal of things that aren’t essential to your life because you opted against doing something that may be essential to someone else’s.